About SLM Solutions NA

Why choose SLM Solutions?


  • Deep rooted 3D printing heritage
    Among the pioneers in metal based 3D printing since 1998.
  • Global reach
    Nearly 70% of sold systems operate outside of Germany.
  • Considerable operational cost savings
    Increased freedom of geometry for complex parts, fast build time, and lower part costs.
  • Technological leader
    Excellent R&D and IP portfolio. First with multi-laser and hull-core technology.
  • Clear growth strategy
    SLM Solutions continues to strengthen North American sales and services network, consumables business and R&D.

Lobby SLM Solutions OfficeSLM Solutions NA, Inc., the North American subsidiary of SLM Solutions Group AG, is a leading provider of metal 3D printing technology and powder bed fusion machinery for metal prototypes and manufacturing production.

Our powerful and innovative technologies support an optimal approach for safe, flexible and cost efficient metal part production across the aerospace, automotive, academia, energy and medical industries. SLM systems include the SLM 125SLM 280, and SLM 500.

Our multi-laser options, bi-directional loader movement, open software control, and closed-loop metal powder handling are defining the industry gold standard for achieving greater build speed, increased operator safety, and production part quality.

Headquartered in Lübeck, Germany, our parent company focuses on the development, assembly and sales of machines and integrated system solutions in the field of Selective Laser Melting®. SLM Solutions currently employs over 300 people in Germany, Singapore and North America.


Company history

SLM Solutions Group and its predecessors have a history of innovation.

2016 Continuing to expand, the North American team moves into a new office with expanded showroom space and a full applications center.
2015 SLM Solutions NA installs 30 systems throughout North American and expands from a 3,000-square-foot office to a modern 7,170-square-foot facility and showroom space in Novi, Michigan. Likewise, the recruitment of additional North American staff reaffirms the focus on growing activities in the U.S. market.Development and expansion of the new generation Selective Laser Melting® Systems.
2014 SLM Solutions GmbH becomes SLM Solutions Group AG.
2013 Launch of SLM®500HL with additional automated powder handling devices.
2012 Introduction of the SLM®500HL and quad laser technology.
Establishment of North American subsidiary, SLM Solution NA, Inc.
2011 Launch of the SLM®125HL and SLM®280HL with hull and core (400W & 1000W) technology and 3D laser technology.
2010 MTT Technologies GmbH is renamed into SLM Solutions GmbH. SLM Solutions GmbH continues to expand its position as a technology leader in vacuum casting, metal part casting and additive manufacturing technologies, particularly in SLM® technology.
2009 Launch of the new SLM®250HL.
2008 Part of the MCP Group becomes MTT Technologies Group to strengthen the approach in Additive Layer Manufacturing.
2007 Develop and market introduction of 400W laser technology.
2006 Launch of SLM 100 as an entry model. First company to process Aluminum and Titanium.
2003 Launch of the first Fiber Laser technology systems with the SLM®250HL.
2000 Market introduction of Selective Laser Melting® technology.
1998-2000 Fockele & Schwarze (F&S) research partner with SLM Solutions (then known as MCP Group) to develop powder bed fusion Selective Laser Melting® technology for industrial applications.