Metal 3D Printing in the Aerospace Industry: Design Freedom, Lightweighting and Supply Chain Disruption

Metal additive manufacturing offers significant advantages to the aerospace sector, such as light-weighting through organic, optimized designs, even with higher load components. High temperature and lightweight materials further reduce structural weight and lead to reduced fuel consumption and higher performance. Brackets, valves, thrusters and fuel injectors in a variety of materials are all components that are 3D printed today and major players in the sector are accelerating the transition from prototyping to large-scale production as they accept the technology for use in-house. In this presentation we cover the advantages of the selective laser melting process and how companies can use it to reduce manufacturing times, optimize components and gain a competitive advantage.


Richard Grylls, PhD., Technical Director
SLM Solutions North America

Dr. Hooman Razaei, President & Founder
International Aircraft Engine Association

Dr. James F. Klausner, MSU Foundation Professor & Chair
Michigan State University Department of Mechanical Engineering

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