SLM Solutions Closes Large Volume Orders


SLM Solutions Signs Long-Term Cooperation with BeamIT

SLM Solutions Group AG recently signed a long-term agreement with BeamIT S.p.a., Fornovo di Taro, Italy. BeamIT is one of the leading contract manufacturers of the automotive, biomedical, aeronautic and aerospace industry in Italy and already has SLM Solutions machines in use. The cooperation agreement also includes a letter of intent for the purchase of 15 additional SLM Solutions’ multi-laser machines by December 31, 2019: ten SLM 280 2.0 machines as well as five SLM 500 machines equipped with a quad laser system.

The cooperation between SLM Solutions and BeamIT concerns the joint development and testing of various parameters for setting the machines when using various metal powders. Uwe Bögershausen, CFO of SLM Solutions Group AG: “We have been working very closely with BeamIT for some years now. Italy is a market with huge potential and we are greatly looking forward to stepping up this cooperation.”

“We have been using the machines of the SLM Solutions Group for some time now and find the quality and the advantages of the multi-laser technology compelling, especially regarding productivity, build-part-costs and the high quality of parts. SLM Solutions systems play a very important role for us in further optimizing our productivity and the build-part-costs,” says Mauro Antolotti, founder and President of BeamIT S.p.a. The signing of the cooperation agreement represents an important step for SLM Solutions toward leveraging the opportunities that arise from the growing use of additive manufacturing technology in the automotive as well as biomedical, aeronautic and aerospace sectors.


Multi-Machine Order from China

SLM Solutions Group AG recently signed a contract for a multi-machine order for a total of 10 multi-laser SLM 500 systems, markting the first order in this magnitude that SLM Solutions has received for the SLM 500 machine model.

Since its IPO, SLM Solutions has been pursuing the goal of further establishing itself in Asia and is already represented there with subsidiaries in Singapore, China and, since 2017, also in India. This major order is an important step for further growth in the region and is a proof for the high demand worldwide for additive manufacturing systems suited for professional industrial applications. The machines are to be delivered to a customer China and are to be accepted within the next 15 months.

Uwe Bögershausen, Management Board member of SLM Solutions Group AG, expressed his satisfaction: “This order supports our growth track. It is an important milestone for further tapping the extremely important Chinese market and underscores again the benefits of SLM Solutions’ multi-laser technology.”


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