Selective Laser Melting Machine FAQs

What is the cost of your systems/machines?

Each Selective Laser Melting® System offers multiple options that can be added to the basic configuration such as number of lasers (SLM 280 and SLM 500), laser power, Automated Layer Control System, additional powder recoater, build cylinder, and sieving stations just to name a few. Other external options and recommendations such as a RUWAC vacuum for flammable metal powders and micro peening system also effect the total quotation for each system. We encourage you to contact your Region Sales Manager to discuss the right system configuration and options to meet your needs.

What does each system include? / What are the specification of each machine (build volume, achieved layer thickness, dimensions, power supply, etc?

To learn more about the configuration and unique options available for each system, click Selective Laser Melting® Systems in the top navigation bar. Standard configuration and included components are listed for each machine. Please send us an inquiry for more information and a custom quotation.

What type of materials can be processed?

Download our current Materials Catalog here.

How should I prepare my facility for the Selective Laser Melting® System?

Request an installation guide for each system on the “Service” page or from list below:

Installation Guides
Request one here.

If you are customer seeking more information or have specific questions regarding facility preparation, please contact SLM Solutions Service Department.

For more information or for specific inquiries, please call us at 877.422.5111 or contact us here.