Metal additive manufacturing is set to revolutionize the automotive market – from high-performance racing cars to production vehicles, the benefits of design freedom and maximized functionality are increasing the demand for this disruptive technology. From engine and transmission components to chassis parts and even tire mold segments, selective laser melting reduces development time and eliminates the need for tooling, opening up new possibilities for performance enhancements and weight savings in vehicles.

Since additive manufacturing uses only the material necessary to build a component, its implementation in production can also reduce scrap and minimize material usage. Lightweight components not only save on fuel-efficiency but can also lower inventory and handling costs in the supply chain. With an eye toward series production, selective laser melting offers process monitoring modules and integrated safety, closed-loop powder handling.

Explore how selective laser melting from SLM Solutions will help you hit the road running in automotive production.

Key benefits

  • High potential to increase fuel efficiency by lightweighting organically designed components
  • Reduction of development time as design iterations can be printed simultaneously
  • Flexible design changes without tooling cost and set-up time


SLM for Your Automotive Application?

SLM for Your Automotive Application?

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