Metal additive manufacturing has advanced in just a few decades from research and development only to major end-use production environments. The manner of producing metal parts for the entire range of the energy sector with selective laser melting generates new opportunities to produce previously impossible geometries including internal cooling channels or undercuts, for example. The paradigm shift in the industry continues as the idea that complexity comes for free expands as more and more energy companies incorporate additive manufacturing designs into their production.

The power generation industry, like others, has benefited from designs that reduce component weight since metal AM only requires material, including high-strength nickel alloys, to be printed where necessary, not based on what can be or is economical to remove through subtractive methods. The use of conformal cooling channels built within components, for example, also allows for improved performance and allows engineers to design a part for maximum performance, rather than around machining capabilities. The growing sector of renewable energy finds more and more possible applications to use the advantages of AM technology, for example on wind turbine blades or generators.

Explore how selective laser melting from SLM Solutions will continue to transform the energy industry and its supply chain.

Key benefits

  • Increase performance of components with integrated features built into part geometry
  • AM technology advancements enable new spare part manufacturing opportunities and supply chain enhancement
  • Material development on SLM systems for high-temperature environments


SLM for Your Energy Application?

SLM for Your Energy Application?

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