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White Papers

AddiSLM White papertive technologies continue to expand manufacturing capabilities and incorporating industrial metal 3D printing can help your business obtain a competitive advantage. But where to start? This white paper serves as a guide to introduce the basics of metal additive manufacturing options and focuses on the questions buyers should ask before making an investment – or an expensive mistake! Download 7 Questions Every Manufacturing Professional Must Ask Before Buying a Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine today!

bottomlinecoverMetal 3D printing enables the simple yet rapid creation of complex and intricately shaped parts that were—with such subtractive techniques as milling or drilling, casting and machining methods—previously impossible. As the benefits continue to rapidly evolve, there is a strengthening business case to endorse the implantation as part of a sound corporate strategy. Discover the benefits in this whitepaper The Effect of Metal Additive Manufacturing on the Bottom Line.



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Case Studies

Conformal Cooling Case StudyConformal Cooling Channels

Tire Mold Segments with Selective Laser Melting Technology

Hydraulic Valve Block for High-Performance

Forge-SLM Hybrid


Moving Metal Additive Manufacturing Towards the Production Line

Webinar from Engineering360 and SLM Solutions with Stephen Cass, Senior Editor, IEEE Spectrum and Denis Cormier, Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology discussing how the current state of manufacturing investment worldwide,  factors that are facilitating the deployment of 3D printing technology,  and an overview of metals and their growing use in additive manufacturing.Metal 3D Printed Aerospace Brackets

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Geometry Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Teaming up with solidThinking, SLM Solutions presented this webinar showcasing the power of geometry optimization and the advantages of additive manufacturing. Doug Hedges, President of Sintavia LLC presented a case study using the example of these brackets.

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Brochures for each of our metal additive manufacturing systems are available: SLM 125HL, SLM 280HL and the SLM 500HL.

Download our metal powder brochure here to discover the variety of metal powders processed on selective laser melting systems.

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Read more about the activities of SLM Solutions and our customers using selective laser melting for their metal 3D printing needs in our newsroom.


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