Selective Laser Melting Systems

Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines

Selective laser melting is also often referred to as DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), although our metal additive manufacturing machines fully melt powdered metal layers offering completely dense metal parts – making it ideal for both rapid prototyping and production 3D printing. SLM Solutions offers additive manufacturing systems in three sizes with various laser configurations. All our systems are designed with a common development and laser platform so all parameters are transferable from machine to machine. The open system architecture, for both materials and parameters, allows users to develop a unique manufacturing process and gain a competitive advantage in their industry while closed-loop powder handling ensures safe operation. Discover the advantages of additive manufacturing with selective laser melting.

SLM 500HL Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines SLM 280HL Metal 3D Printer for Additive Manufacturing SLM 125HL Metal 3D Printer for Additive Manufacturing
  • Highest laser power with up to four 700W lasers
  • 3D optics
  • Continuous powder supply and recycling for extending build time
  • Modular setup
  • Largest build volume in segment
  • Highest laser power with up to two 700W lasers
  • Heated base plate
  • Adaptable sieving station
  • Highest laser power in segment with standard 400W laser
  • Largest build volume in segment
  • Interchangeable material files
  • Closed loop gas cycle