Our mission: Flatten Out the Learning Curve of Metal Additive Manufacturing by providing high performance equipment, products, and know-how focused on maximizing the benefits of selective laser melting

What we do

As an inventor of the selective laser melting process, the SLM Solutions Group AG focuses on the development and distribution of the most innovative, production-oriented metal additive manufacturing systems. SLM Solutions was the first to offer overlapping multi-laser systems and utilizes a patented re-coating system. These features, and the continuous development of selective laser melting products, make SLM Solutions’ systems the most productive powder bed fusion machines on the market.

SLM systems, available in multiple sizes, are utilized in a variety of industries around the world. Our open system architecture allows users to tailor their process and SLM Solutions’ extensive experience and technical know-how help drive innovative product developments and support customers’ competitive creativity.

Our focus is to be a leader in product performance and innovation and for you, as our customer, to benefit from that approach.

The SLM Solutions Group AG is a publicly traded company headquartered in Lübeck, Germany. For more information, visit our global site.

Who we are

SLM Solutions takes a vested interest in your company’s long-term success with metal AM, providing support and knowledge-sharing that elevates use of the technology to the next level. We work with customers at each stage of the process to ensure their return on investment is maximized.

As part of our commitment to partner with customers, SLM Solutions North America has an office and development lab in Metro-Detroit to foster collaboration on metal AM projects. Partnering with our colleagues in Germany, our local team of North American experts, including service, application, and systems engineers, as well as a Ph.D. metallurgist, provide full installation, maintenance, training and other learning opportunities. This allows us to harness the capabilities and exercise best practices for selective laser melting.

Choosing the right technology is critical, but forging partnerships with the optimal AM provider is the fastest path to success. Partner with SLM Solutions.

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