Additive.Designer® is a diverse and scalable software solution for easy data preparation of complex components in additive production.

A novel pre-processing tool in the Additive.Intelligence software package, Additive.Designer® combines all features necessary to generate 3D printed parts while being fully adaptable to the customer’s needs. The range of features starts with the native CAD-file import and ends by defining the necessary milling strategies to automatically post-process the AM part on a milling machine. The software imports all native CAD formats, eliminating the need for STL files, reduces the need of supports with an optimized exposure strategy, guides users to the best plate positioning with component orientation processing and offers a preliminary calculation of the build costs based on the machine and build set-up. The goal of the software is to lower the learning curve of additive manufacturing by reducing the software skills necessary to be successful while optimizing builds with less supports and workflows based on specific part preparation.

Additive.Designer® Benefits:

  • Intuitive Interface for Easy and Fast Operation
    • Fast build job preparation owing to the managed workflow
    • Implemented tools (heat maps, etc.)
    • Smart application (automation, black box, etc.)
  • Savings through an Understanding of the Technology
    • Cost savings through specially-developed support geometries with lower material expenditures
    • Time savings during the printing through optimized support strategies
  • Control of Data Preparation
    • The cost estimator provides a validated overview of the costs and construction timeframe for the build job
    • Preview of the created laser coatings and laser paths possible
  • Modular Design Enables Flexible Adaptations
    • No “monolithic” software architecture
    • Individual adaption for each existing process chain possible
    • Integration into existing software solutions possible
  • Traceability
    • User administration configurable via web browser
    • Restrictions and functions for user individually-configurable
    • All work steps are recorded and traceable

The Additive.Designer® Data Preparation Process
Select Machine Additive.Designer® recommends the ideal machine based on criteria such as material or component size. If a machine is selected with a modular substrate plate, the build plate can then be configured/ allocated as needed.
File Import The software permits the import of all standard file types. With the native CAD import, Additive.Designer® sets new standards for data processing for the additive production process. Thus, any potential errors
during the conversion of stl. files can be avoided from the outset.
Preparation The features developed in cooperation with customers enable all required settings to be activated, resulting in an “optimized“ orientation for managing suitable support structures, etc. The
intelligent component orientation via heat maps also enables inexperienced users to optimally position components.
Processing Intelligent algorithms coupled with the intuitive interface enable easy selection of those criteria of decisive importance for the processing and quality of the component. After each component
has been assigned the corresponding production strategy, individual coatings and laser paths are calculated.
Verification A preview of the individual coatings and their processing sequence enables the controlling of critical work areas during the build process. Thus, the risk of data preparation errors can be minimized in advance
and the quality of the components guaranteed. In addition, the cost estimator provides an overview of the construction timeframe and costs.
SLM File and Print After the verification of the prepared data, the print file is created. This file can then be transferred to the machine.



The following minimum requirements apply to the hardware and software environment within which the software is to be used:

  • Internet access
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or newer
  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 7th generation
  • 32GB DDR4
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5


Additive.Palletizing is our solution for the substantially-easier and more precise post-processing of additively produced components. We offer both the revolutionary hardware as well as the customized software. Through this combination, you obtain not only time, but also increase the quality of your product.

High Data Consistency Consistent data management across the entire product production process in Additive.Designer® The geometric data zero point contained in the construction data for post-processing, measurements or hybrid production is defined across all steps Data transfer to standard CAM tools via integrated interfaces
Preparation for Post-Processing The substrate plate segmentation can be individually adapted to the respective build job Preparation for the follow-up processes through customer-specific direct implementation of the CAM tools possible Direct implementation of the CAM tools enables the follow-up process-specific alignment of the component and the support geometries
High Flexibility Multiple components from various customers can be realized within one build job on individual A.PS pallets Automated positioning of the A.PS pallets, and thus of the components, via patented ThermoLock technology The segmented substrate plate design permits the parallel processing of the additively-produced components
Easy Post-Processing Optimal 5-way post-processing, directly on the respective A.PS pallet The integrated zero point clamping system enables the direct and individual further processing on tooling and measuring machines Integrated gripper grooves simplify the manual handling and enable automated handling of the A.PS pallet

The Process Chain for SLM®/CAM
Data Preparation Due to the intuitive usage of the data preparation software Additive.Designer®, in conjunction with Additive.Palletizing, the creation of AM, CAM, and reference data becomes as easy as can be. Build Platform Configuration The modular build platform can be allocated in various size configurations. Single components can be optimally allocated to these pre-configured substrate panel segments. Mounting of the Machine Due to the patented ThermoLock, the loading/unloading of the SLM® machine can be executed quick and simple. The A.PS-pallets are fixed in place without screws and can be moved by robots via gripping grooves. AM Build Process The A.PS-pallet is fixed and centered by the ThermoLock automatically. The defined zero point ensures highest precision during manufacturing process. (process-reliable repeatability of approx. 0.005 mm) Post-Process The zero point clamping system ensures high precision for postprocessing on various tooling machines. The system allows for 5-axis machining, heat treatments, finishing work, measuring, etc. Part Management Additive.Palletizing focuses on both automated part handling within and between individual production machines, and on possible commissioning run by automated storage systems.


More information coming soon.

Additive.Designer Live Demos

See the Additive.Intelligence package and get a demo of Additive.Designer at these shows throughout the year:

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OTC | May 6-9 | Houston | Booth 7208

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More Information on SLM Solutions Software?

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