With a density of 2.7 g/cm³, aluminium is classified as a light metal. It is highly suited to processing and is used, for example, in thin-walled components with complex geometries. Aluminium also displays good electrical conductivity. Due to its low strength, it is used above all in alloys; most commonly AlSi10Mg. Typical alloying additions are silicon, magnesium, copper or manganese. In alloyed forms, aluminium is used to produce components with high strength and high dynamic loadability. The components are optimal for use in areas such as aerospace engineering and the automotive industry. 


Material Composition

Following the SLM-process, aluminium-alloy components exhibit a homogeneous, nearly poreless texture, whereby the mechanical characteristic values lie within the range of the material specifications. Through subsequent post-treatment, such as hardening, heat treatment or hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the components’ properties can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

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Have a question about metal powders?

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