Cobalt-chrome alloys are distinguished by their especially high hardness as well as high ductility. Additionally, they are corrosion resistant. Due to their high biocompatibility, cobalt-chrome alloys are among those used in standard medical and dental technologies to produce dental, knee and hip prostheses. Their resistance to heat also makes them well-suited for use in high-temperature areas, such as in jet engines. 

Since cobalt-chrome components are very hard, there are limitations when it comes to exposing them to cutting processes. Selective laser melting provides the option to quickly produce components with cobalt-chrome powder. 

Material Composition

Following the SLM-process, cobalt-chrome components exhibit a homogeneous, nearly poreless texture, whereby the mechanical characteristic values lie within the range of the material specifications. Through subsequent post-treatment, such as hardening, heat treatment or hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the components’ properties can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

Have a question about Cobalt-Chrome Powder?

Have a question about Cobalt-Chrome Powder?

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