In today’s world, consumers expect custom products or on-demand service for existing heirloom pieces. Selective laser melting can fulfill these needs offering the ability to produce complex, customized designs for prototypes, unique pieces or small batch production runs. Traditional subtractive machining operations are best suited for high-volume serial production, however, metal additive manufacturing allows designers to build unique products in low quantities, or together in one process, without the need for expensive and time-consuming machine tooling and set up.

Additionally, with the ability to produce virtually any shape, selective laser melting can be implemented to build replacement parts for legacy items where new parts are no longer in production. With just a CAD model, which can be obtained from a 3D scan of an old part, production of even a batch of one is economical. Since the additive process only uses material to build up the actual part, excess powder from the process can be reused for future builds, further lowering production costs.

Explore how metal additive manufacturing can help you take customized products to the mass market.

Key benefits

  • Ability to produce many customized designs quickly, even within one build
  • No expensive or timely tooling set up for varying designs
  • Faster time to market with ability to develop and test design iterations quickly
  • Reduced scrap material compared to subtractive methods

SLM for Your Consumer Product Application?

SLM for Your Consumer Product Application?

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Finance Your Selective Laser Melting System

Finance Your Selective Laser Melting System

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