Med­ical de­vice man­u­fac­tur­ers are in­creas­ingly adopt­ing Se­lec­tive Laser Melt­ing tech­nol­ogy for the pro­duc­tion of a wide range of med­ical and den­tal parts. Additive manufacturing is being implemented in both the pro­duc­tion of func­tional pro­to­types and se­r­ial pro­duc­tion of sur­gi­cal im­plants, in­stru­ments and equip­ment com­po­nents, as well as mass cus­tomiza­tion, i.e. the pro­duc­tion of pa­tient-spe­cific im­plants and pros­the­ses on a large scale.

The ben­e­fits of Se­lec­tive Laser Melt­ing as a state-of-the-art pro­duc­tion tech­nique in­clude the abil­ity to build com­plex geome­tries, pro­duc­tiv­ity and cost ad­van­tages, and the in­te­gra­tion of func­tional as­pects such as porous struc­tures integrated into a sur­gi­cal im­plant for en­hanced os­seoin­te­gra­tion and re­duced stress shield­ing.

When it comes to pro­duc­tiv­ity, SLM So­lu­tions of­fers best-in-class sys­tems. The flag­ship mid-size SLM 280 2.0 Se­lec­tive Laser Melt­ing sys­tem can be equipped with a twin laser con­fig­u­ra­tion (2x 400W or 2x 700W) and features a bi-di­rec­tional power recoater for in­creased build rates. The unique gas flow sys­tem en­sures con­sis­tent builds while minimizing vari­a­tion in part den­sity and me­chan­i­cal prop­er­ties. The SLM 280 features large 280 x 280 mm build en­ve­lope. The patented tech­nol­ogy in the laser over­lap area en­sures that up to two lasers can work si­mul­ta­ne­ously on one com­po­nent, thereby dras­ti­cally re­duc­ing con­struc­tion time for large parts.

The com­pact SLM 125 is equipped with a sin­gle 400W laser, a bi-di­rec­tional recoater and a class-leading 125 x 125 mm build en­ve­lope, achiev­ing best-in-class build rates. Our stan­dard SLM 125 con­fig­u­ra­tion safely and ef­fec­tively han­dles both re­ac­tive and non-re­ac­tive metal pow­ders. SLM Solutions offers a wide range of qual­i­fied metal pow­ders for selective laser melting, in­clud­ing pure ti­ta­nium, ti­ta­nium al­loys, cobalt-chrome al­loys and stain­less steels.

A range of qual­ity mon­i­tor­ing sys­tems, in­clud­ing sen­sors and a Layer Control System (LCS)  have been de­signed to en­sure process re­peata­bil­ity, doc­u­men­ta­tion and qual­ity con­trol. Fur­ther­more, all Se­lec­tive Laser Melt­ing sys­tems have been equipped with a closed-loop pow­der han­dling sys­tem to en­sure a max­i­mum of safety dur­ing op­er­a­tion.

Thanks to pro­fes­sional ap­pli­ca­tion sup­port from SLM So­lu­tions, cus­tomized SLM com­po­nents are sup­ported from pro­to­type de­vel­op­ment all the way to mass pro­duc­tion.

How can the SLM So­lu­tions team sup­port your pro­ject?

Key benefits

  • Freedom of design to create complex, unique structures intended for function
  • 3D process allows for faster, cost-efficient production of customized parts
  • Print in bio-compatible materials, such as Titanium, with minimized material waste
  • Unique stemmed designs for osseointegration
  • Porous structures for reduced stress shielding
  • Quality monitoring systems to ensure process repeatability and documentation

SLM for Your Medical Application?

SLM for Your Medical Application?

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Finance Your Selective Laser Melting System

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