Thanks to their high strength and relatively low density, as well as excellent corrosion resistance, titanium components are found across a broad spectrum of applications. Titanium and its alloys have already been successfully put to use in the automotive industry and in aerospace engineering for decades. 

Pure titanium is used primarily in chemical industries, process engineering or in medical technologies, wherever good corrosion resistance is especially required. An added advantage here is titanium’s low thermal expansion. Its bio-compatibility also makes titanium suitable for use in medical technologies, such as dental implants or prosthetic hips, for example.

Ti6Al4V is by far the most common titanium alloy worldwide, for the main reason of its well-balanced mechanical properties and the many years of industrial experience with this material.

Material Composition

Following the SLM-process, titanium components exhibit a homogeneous, nearly poreless texture, whereby the mechanical characteristic values lie within the range of the material specifications. Through subsequent post-treatment, such as hardening, heat treatment or hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the components’ properties can be adapted to meet specific requirements.

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Have a question about Titanium Powder?

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