Experience the SLM 800: Large Format Selective Laser Melting

The SLM 800 machine uses the technology from our smaller platforms (280/500) and takes it to the next level. The machine scales models into a larger format for tall builds (that can last up to like 2 weeks)

A High Performance Machine for Large Components

  • Extended Z axis for large builds 
  • Quad-Laser efficiency from the multi-laser technology pioneer
  •  Features optimized for top-quality components during long builds
  • Multi-Machine setup for production environments

Notable Features

  • Vertical Build Height
  • Optimized Gas Flow
  • Permanent Filter Module
  • Re-coating Brush

Two Unpacking Options!

Manual Unpacking Station

PRS 800

The manual unpacking station is available for customers just starting out with one SLM®800 machine who don’t require automation or automatic unpacking options.

  • Build cylinder removal on a linear axis
  • Unpacking glovebox with integrated vacuum hose and inert gas blasting tool
  • Inert atmosphere unpacking with downdraft to reduce dust clouds
  • Can be upgraded to SLM®HUB

Automated Handling


The fully-automated SLM®HUB drives build cylinders to various stations per a linear axis for efficient handling and for production multi-machine setups.

  • Automated transport of build cylinders
  • Automated powder removal through rotation and vibration in dedicated downdraft chamber
  • No-contact powder feeding and removal
  • Dedicated pre-heating and cooling stations in an inert atmosphere
  • Modular for up to five SLM®800 machines

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